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Are you curious about rowing?  Experience what it is all about this April 15 or April 29 from 1pm to 4pm.  LPRA will give you basic rowing instruction and get you out on the water in an 8-person rowing shell.  If the half-day Experience doesn't  introduce you to your new favorite sport, you'll at least have a fun time and great stories to tell your family and friends!

In the event of lightning or severe weather you will be contacted and the event will be held the subsequent Sunday.  The $95 fee covers all expenses.  Click on the link above to reserve your seat today!  

LPRA Can Host Your Business Teambuilding Session!

Rowing is the ultimate team sport, and putting your business team together in a rowing shell will teach them what it really means to work together!  

One fun day on the lake and a boatload of lessons learned - this is a teambuilding  experience your employees will never forget.

LPRA experienced rowers, coaches, and coxswains will show your people basic rowing technique on shore before dividing them into two 8-person rowing shells.  Team members who elect to not row will follow along in a patio party boat as the two rowing crews work their way across the lake, learning to row efficiently as a team.  

At the end of the day your two crews will race!  The winning crew members will take both the trophy and bragging rights.

If you are interested in giving your business or office group a great teambuilding experience, email LPRA at


Lake Purdy Rowing Association

Lake Purdy Rowing Association (LPRA) is a member of the United States Rowing Association and a 501(c)3 all-volunteer organization formed in 2013 to give people throughout Greater Birmingham the opportunity to participate in the sport of rowing.  LPRA offers adult Learn-to-Row classes each summer, conducts year-round programs for member recreational and competitive masters, and sponsors Birmingham Area Youth Rowing and Samford University Crew.

LPRA's mission is to nurture a passion for both rowing and sculling in people of all ages,  focusing on teamwork, sportsmanship, leadership, and commitment to being good environmental stewards of the Lake Purdy Reservoir.

Masters Group Sessions

This winter, Masters meet for group rowing sessions on Friday and Saturday  mornings beginning at 8:30am.  Any member is invited to come out during those times if you prefer to row when you know others will be there.  Please reserve boats at

Cold Water Precautions

Loss of muscle control can occur quickly and dramatically anytime lake temperature falls below 80 degrees, and is exceedingly dangerous below 50 degrees, so it is critical to call for help!  

Always carry a cell phone in a waterproof container, clipped into the boat, with the Fishing Office number (205/991-9107) programmed into your contacts. 

If you flip in cold water without a launch present, immediately call the Fishing Office for a rescue and climb onto the capsized boat to get as much of your body out of the water as possible - heat loss is 25 times greater in the water.

Hypothermia is a life-threatening emergency!  Any LPRA rower who exhibits any symptoms of hypothermia - intense shivering, numbness, clumsiness, confusion - must receive emergency medical treatment.  Call 911 immediately!

Do You Have Items to Add to the Calendar?

Send an email with details to

LPRA Lake Purdy Rowing Association

LPRA Lake Purdy Rowing Association

3780 Boat Launch Road, Birmingham AL 35242