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Magic City Rowing Juniors

Rising grades 6-12 - enjoy a fun team sport on nearby Lake Purdy!

Meet new friends, be part of a team, and get fit.  

Learn sweep rowing technique, coxing, and working together as a crew in the ultimate team sport. 

A high % of youth rowers receive college scholarships!

“Though a collegiate sport since the mid 1800's, the NCAA didn't officially adopt rowing (and the 12,000 newly available scholarships) as an official sport for women until 1997. A recent report shows that 55.5% of girls in youth rowing, 17.8% of boys get some form of university scholarship funding, making it a sensible sport for parents, schools and communities.”

For Info on the Spring 2020 Program

Contact Parent Representative Ro Holman
at (205) 999-4193

Magic City Juniors Info

All practice sessions meet at the boathouse at Lake Purdy, 3780 Boat Launch Road, 35242. You will see the boathouse on the right and the Lake Purdy Fishing offices on the left. Meet in front of the boathouse. 


GearBring an insulated bottle of cold water to each practice. Wear a baseball cap, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 


Clothing – Loose clothing will get caught in the sliding seat, so wear close-fitting dry-fit (not cotton) t-shirts and shorts.  Wear shoes with a very narrow heel (not running shoes), preferably flexible water shoes (available at Walmart).


Inclement Weather – Assume that practice will be held as scheduled unless we notify you otherwise - in the case of high winds or thunderstorms, Coach will text to let you know practice will be rescheduled. 

Magic City Rowing

Magic City Rowing - LPRA’s Juniors. 6th Grade through High School.